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By default, sources are objects represented by each file under source/. Sources that have YAML formatter are considered special in that they can be formatted.

What is YAML formatter? It is best to compare examples:

# This is a markdown file without YAML formatter

... compared to...

layout: default.twig
title: Example Page

# This is a markdown file with YAML formatter

As you can see, there is a chunk of YAML in the second example. It is delimited by ---. The YAML formatter is parsed and injected into every page rendering and is accessible as page.KEY.

For example we can reference the page's title by using page.title.

Post Excerpts

Sometimes all you need is an excert of the post when displaying a list of them. For this reason you can use the syntax below to achieve this. When displaying the full post the excerpt is displayed normally. This helps cutback on typing.

This can be the beginning of the article.