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Basic Configuration

All of the configuration files for the Skosh are stored in config directory.

Environment Aware Configuration

Environment specific meta data overrides generic meta data so same defaults can be added to config.yml and overridden on an environment-by-environment basis. This can be useful for things like Google Analytics identifiers. Set the default development version in config.yml and set the production value in config_production.yml.


  • timezone: Used to set the system timezone.

  • title: Website title.

  • url: This URL is used by the console to properly generate URLs

  • target: The build directory, relative to the root directory.

  • url_trailing_slash: Appends a trailing slash to URL. This is helpful for some servers and SEO.

  • date_format: Default date format for post content. PHP Date.

  • max_per_page: Pagination setting for the max number of post per page.

  • exclude: Files extensions to exclude when copying static files.

  • copy: Folders and files to copy.

  • twig_extensions: See Extending.

  • events: See Extending.