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With MeidaSort, uploaded files are accessed by configuring/defining path, url, and default_url strings which point to you uploaded file assets. This is done via string interpolations.

Global Interpolations

  • {media} - The name of the file media as declared in the hasMediaFile function, e.g 'avatar'.
  • {class} - The classname of the model containing the file media item, e.g User. MeidaSort can handle namespacing of classes.
  • {basename} - The basename portion of the media file, e.g 'file' for file.jpg.
  • {extension} - The file extension type of the media file, e.g 'jpg' or 'png'
  • {filename} - The name of the uploaded file, e.g 'some_file.jpg'
  • {id} - The id of the corresponding database record for the uploaded file.
  • {style} - The resizing style of the file (images only), e.g 'thumbnail' or 'original'.
  • {laravel_root} - The path to the root of the laravel project.
  • {app_url} - Base URL for the application.

Model Attributes

The Interpolator can also interpolate model attributes.