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Service Prerequisites

Before using the MaxMind driver, you will need to install the appropriate package via Composer:

  • MaxMind: geoip2/geoip2 ~2.1

IP-API (default)

They offer a free and pro service ip-api.com

'service' => 'ipapi',

MaxMind Database

The database location to used is specified in the config file in the services section under maxmind_database. Along with the URL of where to download the database from when running the php artisan geoip:update. Note: The geoip:update command will need to be ran before the package will work.

'service' => 'maxmind_database',

Optimization Tip: When using the database option I don't like having the downloaded database in my git repository, so I have my deploy system run the geoip:update during the build process before it's deployed to the servers.

MaxMind API

Register for a license key and user ID at www.maxmind.com

'service' => 'maxmind_api',


Register at ipgeolocation.io/ to get api key and add it into your env file as: IPGEOLOCATION_KEY = YOUR_API_KEY

'service' => 'ipgeolocation',

Custom Service

Services are stored in the GeoIP's config file config/geoip.php. Simply update the service with the name of your custom service and add it to the services specific configuration section with the class value as the custom classname.

Example service


namespace App\GeoIP\Services;

use Exception;
use Torann\GeoIP\Support\HttpClient;
use Torann\GeoIP\Services\AbstractService;

class FooBar extends AbstractService
     * Http client instance.
     * @var HttpClient
    protected $client;

     * The "booting" method of the service.
     * @return void
    public function boot()
        $this->client = new HttpClient([
            'base_uri' => 'http://api.foobar-ip-to-location.com/',
            'query' => [
                'some_option' => $this->config('some_option'),

     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function locate($ip)
        // Get data from client
        $data = $this->client->get('find', [
            'ip' => $ip,

        // Verify server response
        if ($this->client->getErrors() !== null) {
            throw new Exception('Request failed (' . $this->client->getErrors() . ')');

        // Parse body content
        $json = json_decode($data[0]);

        return [
            'ip' => $ip,
            'iso_code' => $json->iso_code,
            'country' => $json->country,
            'city' => $json->city,
            'state' => $json->state,
            'state_name' => $json->state_name,
            'postal_code' => $json->postal_code,
            'lat' => $json->lat,
            'lon' => $json->lon,
            'timezone' => $json->timezone,
            'continent' => $json->continent,

     * Update function for service.
     * @return string
    public function update()
        // Optional artisan command line update method

In the config file

'service' => 'foobar',

'services' => [


    'foobar' => [
        'class' => \App\GeoIP\Services\FooBar::class,
        'some_option'  => 'some_option_value',