edit this page Basic usage

The simplest way to use these method is though the helper function geoip() or by using the facade \Torann\GeoIP\Facades\GeoIP. For the examples below we will use the helper method.

Get the location data for a website visitor:

geoip($ip = null);


$ip - The Ip to look up. If not set the application default to the remote address.

Example Location Object

\Torann\GeoIP\Location {

    #attributes:array [
        'ip'           => '',
        'iso_code'     => 'US',
        'country'      => 'United States',
        'city'         => 'New Haven',
        'state'        => 'CT',
        'state_name'   => 'Connecticut',
        'postal_code'  => '06510',
        'lat'          => 41.28,
        'lon'          => -72.88,
        'timezone'     => 'America/New_York',
        'continent'    => 'NA',
        'currency'     => 'USD',
        'default'      => false,

Default Location

In the case that a location is not found the fallback location will be returned with the default parameter set to true. To set your own default change it in the configurations config/geoip.php