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Upgrading To 1.0 From 0.3

There was a move to simplify the entire package, it was getting a little too crazy.

Updating Dependencies

Update your composer.json file to point to torann/currency 1.0.*.

Preset Currencies

The preset currencies that once shipped with the package inside of the migration file have been moved to an artisan command where you can pick and choose which currencies to support. Whereas the old method installed all of them.

See the manage artisan command for more.

Database Changes

The database columns names were changed see /migrations/2013_11_26_161501_create_currency_table.php


  • title changed to name
  • symbol_left removed
  • symbol_right removed
  • code changed to code
  • decimal_place removed
  • value changed to exchange_rate
  • decimal_point removed
  • thousand_point removed
  • status changed to active


  • symbol: The currency symbol
  • format: Contains formatting syntax for the currency


Many of the methods have changed. Have a look over the basic usage and the methods pages.

Upgrading To 0.3 From 0.2

There was a move to middleware in v0.3 for handling user currency switching. Using the middleware, this fixes Bug 33.

Add Middleware

Append the middleware class to the $middleware variable within app/Http/Kernel.php.

protected $middleware = [