Branding & Web Application

Branding for a podcast about local government hosted by Caroline Tanbee Smith, produced by Ryan Mannion and recorded in New Haven, CT.
GovLove in iTunes


With chunk uploading I was able upload the large Podcast audio files to Amazon's S3 server where they will be served from and with the use of my Podcast Feed package was able to generate a valid Podcast RSS feed.


The jQuery plugin jPlayer allowed me to offer cross platform audio playback from the website without the users having to go to iTunes.

GovLove in iTunes

GovLove Summit 2015

SeeClickFix's first user conference that will bring the nation's top civic innovators together around learning, connection, and fun.

Homepage Animation

Given full creative freedom for the GovLove Summit pages, I decided to have a little fun with CSS3 animation and SVG images.

GovLove Summit Homepage
GovLove Summit Homepage


With the last day of the conference schedule as an unconference, I decided to give the attendees the ability to suggest and vote on topics they would like to cover using a custom built discussion board.


With the attendees suggesting and voting on topics I thought it would be nice to have the admin easily schedule topics that will appear in the agenda. To do this I created a simple popup that allows the admins to set a time during the unconference slots to discuss the topic from the discussion board.