10 Really High Quality Free Fonts

10 Really High Quality Free Fonts

March 03, 2012

If you are looking for new interesting fonts, here is a collection of ten beautiful, free and must have fonts for the web and print. This collection includes Fertigo Pro Typeface, Megalopolis Extra Typeface, Nadia Serif Typeface, Fontin Sans Typeface, Museo Typeface, OFTEN Typeface, Medio Typeface, Mentone Typeface, Existence Light, and Chunk Typeface.

1. Fertigo Pro Typeface - download

Jos Buivenga's exljbris Font Foundry has a large collection of beautiful free fonts, check them out.

Fertigo Pro Typeface

2. Megalopolis Extra Typeface - download

Megalopolis Extra Typeface is the revamped version of the 2004 one. Now in OT with extended language support and OpenType features with alternates, ligatures, different styles of figures, etc...

Megalopolis Extra Typeface

3. Nadia Serif Typeface - download

Nadia Serif Typeface

4. Fontin Sans Typeface - download

Fontin Sans Typeface

5. Museo Typeface - download

Museo Typeface

6. OFTEN Typeface - download

OFTEN Typeface

7. Medio Typeface - download

Medio Typeface

8. Mentone Typeface - download

Mentone Typeface

9. Existence Light - download

Existence Light

10. Chunk Typeface - download

Chunk Typeface

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